OdooGPT ~ Integrate Odoo with ChatGPT

Make OdooBot finally useful by integrating with OpenAI ChatGPT 🧠

OdooGPT logo, displaying a chat balloon icon

Make OdooBot finally useful!

Integrate with ChatGPT and make OdooBot intelligent

User writing prompt to OdooBot with command /ai

Ask anyhing with /ai...

Write the /ai command followed by your message into a chat to talk with OdooBot AI

... and get useful answers from AI

OdooBot AI will do its best to give useful answers!

OdooBot response to the previous question

Top Features

How can OdooGPT help you and your team

  • ✅   Ask anything
  • ✅   Boost productivity
  • ✅   Natural language processing
  • ✅   Easy to integrate
  • ✅   Intelligent and adaptive
  • ✅   Multi-language support
  • ✅   24/7 availability
  • ✅   Works in all chats (private, groups)

Integrate with OpenAI

What you get out of the box:

  • ✅   Integrate OpenAI with api key
  • ✅   Customizable
  • ✅   Import OpenAI Models into Odoo
  • ✅   Get the structure to interact with OpenAI api

Manage OpenAI Files

Manage and upload OpenAI Files directly from Odoo

List of OpenAI models into Odoo interface, thanks to OdooGPT

Browse OpenAI files

Always get all updated information from OpenAI Api

Upload file with wizard

Upload files with a simple and straightforward wizard

File uploader wizard, to upload jsonl files to OpenAI with OdooGPT

Top Features

How can OdooGPT Files help you and your team

  • ✅   Easily upload files
  • ✅   User OpenAI throught Odoo GUI
  • ✅   Always ap-to-date with OpenAI api
  • ✅   Delete files from OpenAI
  • ✅   Specify files purpose

Fine tune OpenAI models

Send jsonl data to train custom OpenAI models

List of fine-tune processes into Odoo interface, thanks to OdooGPT

Browse OpenAI Fine Tunes processes

AAlways get updated OpenAI running and completed processes about all Fine Tunes

Fine tune models

Upload jsonl file to OpenAI to train your models

Fine-tune wizard to instruct models, thanks to OdooGPT

Top Features

How can OdooGPT Fine-Tune help you and your team

  • ✅   Completely integrated with OdooGPT infrastructure
  • ✅   Train custom models
  • ✅   Get customized answers from your models
  • ✅   Manage OpenAI data from Odoo GUI

Let the AI 🧠 power help you and your business during your days!

Disclaimer: You will need to install additional Python modules to use this app. Please consider this factor before downloading the module; you must be able to install pip/pip3 modules.
You will find installation instruction into the module Readme files and in docs.