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User-level settings

Since version v16. and v15. it's possible to customize OdooGPT settings on the user level.

This allows, for example, to create an OdooBot friend that's different for each user, so that it has a different tone or answers different types of questions.

Customize settings for Users

Go to Settings → OdooGPT and press CUSTOMIZE USER SETTINGS button

Odoo GPT User Settings button

This displays the Users list:

User table with all users in the system

Simply open an User and go into the OdoOGPT settings tab:

User form with OdooGPT setting

By default, the configuration is set at COMPANY level, in General Settings. Here you can simply activate a setting and customize it.

This way you can OVERRIDE only the settings that are needed, the other ones will be taken from the COMPANY.

For example:

User form with OdooGPT setting customized

Allow Users to self-edit OdooGPT settings

Based on permissions, you can allow Users to edit their own OdooGPT settings autonomously.

First of all, go to Settings → Users and open an User. In the Access Rights tab, you can see the "ODOOGPT" section.

User form with OdooGPT permissions in access rights

Here are the 4 levels of permission explained:

  • [NONE SELECTED]: Don't allow user to edit his personal OdooGPT settings
  • Basic: Allow self editing some OdooGPT settings: Chat method, Prefix, Suffix or System Message
  • Medium: Allow self editing some OdooGPT settings: All in Basic + Model, Temperature
  • All: Allow self editing ALL OdooGPT settings: All in Medium + OpenAI Token, Max Tokens
    Warning! This will allow the user to see the OpenAI token associated with him

How the User can customize his settings

The User that has been allowed, can edit his OdooGPT settings from the User Preferences panel, by clicking on User Icon → Preferences → OdooGPT settings

User preferences dropdown button from top-right User icon

User preferences with OdooGPT settings explained for each level of permission

Let's try it

When User1 asks something to OdooBot AI, it will give the following result (for this example):

User1 tries to ask something to OdooGPT

Last update: August 14, 2023