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Getting started

Install openai Python library

Also see requirements.

First of all, run:

pip install openai


The module might work fine with any openai version, but it has been tested with 0.26.1

Load module

Load the folder module named odoogpt into the Odoo addons folder. This depends on your system configuration. Refer to Odoo's documentation.

The, go into Odoo's backend with an administrative account. Navigate to Apps and click Update Apps List.

Button Update Apps List


If you cannot find action Update Apps List, please enable debug mode. See Odoo's documentation

Install module odoogpt

Remove Apps filter from filters and search odoogpt in the modules list and press ACTIVATE to install it.

Install and activate module

After installation, the page will refresh and you will be redirected to the Odoo homepage.

Configure OpenAI Api token

Navigate to Settings → Odoo GPT.

Get or generate your Api token in OpenAI Dashboard:

OpenAI Api Key in dashboard

Paste the Token in OdooGPT setting in "OpenAI Api token" field:

OpenAI Api Key in OdooGPT settings

Save settings.

Test OpenAI Api token

Under Settings → Odoo GPT click on TEST next to the "OpenAI Api token" field. If you receive the notification

Test success! Everything properly set up! You're good to go!

it means everything is correctly installed and ready to go!

Last update: March 28, 2023